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Ecological footprintBio-loading reflects how the Human Ecological Footprint [demand on the biosphere] compares to the planet's Biocapacity [shorthand for biological capacity, which is the ability of an ecosystem to produce useful biological materials (for Human consumption) and to absorb wastes generated by Human activity i.e. carbon dioxide emissions].

Overall, we are currently operating in excess of 150%; Which means, in its simplest form, that we are living 'beyond our means'.
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Currently operating at overcapacity. Environmental debt running at 18 months.

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AttentionBiosphere overload.

Current 'developed economy' lifestyle model is un-sustainable. Immediate action required to avoid catastrophic life support system failure.

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The population counter is based on javascript code written by Adam Brown using most recent base figures for population taken from the United States Census Bureau data set.

Although the population has increased dramatically over the last fifty years, our best information suggests that it looks set to level out at around 11 billion by the end of the century.

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