There are a number of levels at which you can engage with this endeavour. At the basic level, completing the form 'registers' your interest and enables us to keep you informed. Ticking the Villager box informs us as to how many people are 'up for' residential participation (up to 5 years). Upon successful registration, you are offered the opportunity of setting up your £1 per week subscription. Once the first payment is received, your registration is marked as 'Active'. This act ensures that you are given priority consideration when residential positions (Villagerships) become available.

Subscriptions and donations provide essential seed funding to cover relevant expenses during the set-up phase and pro-actively encourage the venture to proceed. All those who participate financially will be furnished with detailed accounts in electronic format at least once per annum.

I look forward to receiving your vote.

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Terms and Conditions

For the duration of a villager's residence/participation in the experiment, they will need to adhere to the following:

  1. All villagers must observe a 100% vegetarian diet.
  2. All villagers must actively participate in growing food (within their own domain).
  3. No pets.