University of Life

Too Much Fun * 2012

First public presentation by Peter Chaddock (a.k.a. Peter White) announcing the opening of the "University of Life".
Duration: 60 minutes.

Website Hosting & Email Service Photon.Net
Electricity (for UK office) Ecotricity
Computer (previously owned laptop) Acer Aspire 5738
Operating System (primary) Ubuntu
Editor (html,css,javascript,php) Bluefish
3D Design (under Windows XP via VirtualBox) Sketchup
3D Graphics (under Windows XP via VirtualBox) POV-Ray
Image Manipulation GIMP
Camera FUJIFILM FinePix J30
Slides LibreOffice

In order to optimise our resources (i.e. avoid unnecessary transaction charges), it is suggested that donations are made via the following methods (listed in order of preference):

  1. Bank Transfer (UK bank accounts only) - Sort Code:089300 Account No:15469717
    There is no fee for this service so 100% of your donation gets through. Avoid this method for non-UK bank accounts as the fees and hidden charges (i.e. inflated currency conversion rates) make this a wasteful option.

  2. Paypal - using 'Send money to Friend', namely
    There is no fee for this service if your Paypal account is registered in the UK and you are using funds drawn from your Paypal balance, bank account or debit card in GBP. If your Paypal account is registered outside of the UK then fees can be kept to a minimum by using funds drawn from your Paypal balance or bank account.

  3. Bitcoin - send to
    Small transaction fee regardless of amount or where in the World.